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Volunteer Spotlight April 2023

Ask any non-profit who the MVP of the organization is, and they will tell you, volunteers. We are no different - in fact, volunteers mean so much to us that we call them Heros, Housing Heros!

Barb Manor is a long-time Housing Hero whose home base is St. Paul's Episcopal Church, one of our host churches. She is our biggest advocate and cheerleader when it comes to spreading a good word and helping Family Promise of Genesee County succeed or garnering new volunteers! She is a do'er and helps anyways she can however she can, and we can't thank her enough!

When people ask her what it is like to volunteer with Family Promise, she tells them, "You do things that you would do with your own family."

"You might go shopping for food or household items, make an evening meal or organize the playroom. You might read a book or play a game with the children. Sometimes you might share recipes and talk about places to visit in Flint and Michigan. Other times you can be a quiet presence and just let them know they have a safe place for the night." When folks ask who can volunteer? She asks them, "Are you good at raising funds, computer entry, or driving?" Think about things you like to do and let the Family Promise staff know, and I am sure they could put your talents to work to provide housing for families.

We couldn't agree more - we would be more than happy to put your talents to work!

Barb, our heartfelt thanks to you for all that you do for Family Promise and the families we serve each and every day!

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